Our history

The history of the company begins in 1923, when Guido Nannini, together with Giovanni Bei, founded "Società Lucchese del Caffè - Bei & Nannini Snc" which still bears their name today.
Coffee has always been an art for us, where trained eyes and refined palates always manage to get the best out of our blends. This is why we have always looked for the best qualities wherever we could find coffee that met the taste needs of our customers.


The Nannini family has been running the company for generations, based on three fundamental principles: the selection of the highest quality green coffee, the attention to detail in creating unique blends, and the pouring of the best flavor into your cup of coffee.


Our blends are created with coffee from all over the world. For this reason it is extremely important for us to maintain direct relationships with our suppliers, and to show our customers the origin and provenance of our coffee.


The "Gran Blend Colombo®" has delighted the palate of many coffee lovers and has made its brand with the caravel of the well-known Genoese navigator a highly successful brand in Italy and abroad. Even today it is possible to taste the Colombo® blend in many places, both in Italy and abroad.

Attention to detail

We preserve the coffee beans according to their origin, and then roast them with a traditional slow roasting method, following our ancient traditional recipes. Each step is followed with great care by our staff, who make sure that the quality of the coffee remains intact once it reaches our customers. Every single raw material we use in the production process complies with the quality and safety standards required by national regulations.