Our history

The history of the company begins in 1923, when Guido Nannini, together with Giovanni Bei, founded "Società Lucchese del Caffè - Bei & Nannini Snc" which still bears their name today.
Coffee has always been an art for us, where trained eyes and refined palates always manage to get the best out of our blends. This is why we have always looked for the best qualities wherever we could find coffee that met the taste needs of our customers.

Only by going to the countries of origin and maintaining constant relationships with the producers, we have managed to keep the quality of our blends unchanged over time.
By evaluating the climates, the altitudes and above all the cultivation techniques, blends are obtained that fully satisfy the taste and pleasure of a good coffee.

Even today the children and grandchildren continue the tradition and at the same time make use of the most modern techniques. Old machines and modern systems for roasting and packaging still coexist in the historic headquarters, which maintain the taste and aroma of freshly roasted coffee.
Therefore, thanks to constant research and technological innovation, we have managed over time to offer products and packages that guarantee the aroma of our blends.